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Marzipan World was founded in 2001 by Nick Barioli and Alex Zaphiriou to offer a high quality real product to customers who were unsatisfied by the many products available on the market that were labeled as "marzipan".

The web looked like the best medium to reach an audience of people who knew what they wanted. provided an easy and efficient way to buy marzipan and edible cake decorations online.

Today we are based in the UK and in Italy and we deliver Worldwide. All our marzipan shapes are handcrafted in our own workshop. Our leading position in the industry enables us to have access to the best marzipan paste available on the market.

Marzipanworld is a customer-based business; over half of the marzipan designs you see on our website have been designed specifically to meet customers requests.

Our products are used for gifts, cake decorating, weddings, corporate and fundraising events, decorating shop windows and more.