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Christmas sugar daisies

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Christmas sugar daisies

Christmas sugar daisies

Price: 8.10 ($11.75)

Our red sugar daisies are probably not the most traditional of Christmas flowers, it is the main colour red and the yellow centre that give them a Christmas feel.

Our red sugar daisies come packaged in 24 units which is a good amount to decorate a traditional size Christmas cake. These daisies can also be used singularly to decorate Christmas cupcakes.

Our Christmas sugar daisies are often used together with our marzipan holly leafs to decorate cakes, the combination of green and red create the perfect festive feel.

24 Daisy Christmas cake decorations.

Handmade. Red petals with cream yellow center.

Suitable to be used on Christmas cakes, standard sized cupcakes, base: 5cm(2in) and mini cupcakes, base: 3cm (1.25 inches).

(size & weight is approximate)

Weight: 50g (1.8oz) Number of daisies: 24

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup, Added water, Vegetable oil, Glycerine.

(Price in US $ is approximate due to exchange rate fluctuations)

Marzipan world | Christmas Marzipan |  Christmas sugar daisies