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Make marzipan

Make marzipan

Have you ever thought of creating your own marzipan figures?!!

In her new book Maisie Parrish shows you how to create your own marzipan paste animals the easy way!

Marzipan Magic will give you a chance to find out all you need to know to quickly get started in marzipan modelling. You will discover the amazing secrets of how to make almond paste marzipan figures, from colouring and working with marzipan paste to all the tools and equipment you will need.

The book is fun and easy to follow, each of the thirteen marzipan animal projects is explained with simple step by step instructions, useful tips and full color photography. Now you can enjoy yourself learning the novelty art of marzipan modelling.

Once you have mastered the basics of marzipan modelling you will be able to create your own unique designs and impress all your friends and family with your marzipan creations.

The book contains a 5 step guide on how to marzipan a cake with tips and advice covering everything from the preparation work to smoothing the covered cake.

This book is for:

- Anybody who wants to quickly get started in marzipan modelling.

- Anybody who is already familiar with making marzipan figures and would like to find new ideas and discover new techniques, with special emphasis on marzipan animal designs.

- Anybody who is curious and would like to find out more about marzipan and marzipan modelling.

Marzipan Magic:

Animal Modelling Made Easy.

Maisie Parrish

6 x 8 inch (15 x 20 cm) soft back

48 pages

full colour photography

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